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1. Who do I call to report a pothole?
2. Who do I contact to determine if I need a permit for work on my house, street, or creek?
3. How do I find out the street sweeping schedule for my neighborhood?
4. Who do I contact if I have flooding on my street?
5. Who do I call to report graffiti on public or private property?
6. How do I report illegal dumping as it occurs?
7. How do I report hazardous material spills or dumping?
8. How do I report debris on public roads?
9. How do I report debris in creeks?
10. How do I report debris on private property or a vacant lot?
11. How do I report the lack of garbage services?
12. How do I report unresolved garbage / recycling collection company complaints?
13. What is the county currently doing about illegal dumping?
14. If I see someone dumping garbage on private or public property, what should I do?