Primary Member
Internal Operations Committee, CHAIR  3rd Mondays
9:30 am
Administration Building, Room101, Martinez
Transportation, Water and Infrastructure Committee, CHAIR  2nd Wednesdays
9:30 am
Administration Building, Room101, Martinez
 The Transportation Water and Infrastructure Committee is one of several standing committee established by the Board of Supervisors. The Committee advises the Board on matters related to transportation, water and infrastructure upon referral by the Board of Supervisors.
Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, Joint Conference Committee and Professional Affairs Committee, CHAIR
 2nd Thursdays, Every 2 Months
9:30 am
CCRMC Campus, Building 1, Martinez
 Joint Conference Committee (JCC)A joint medical staff and Board committee, open to members of the public, that performs institutional management and planning functions.

Professional Affairs Committee (PAC)A joint medical staff and Board committee that performs professional quality management functions.
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy, CHAIR
 3rd Wednesdays
9:00 am
3500 Industrial Blvd., Sacramento
 Working in collaboration and cooperation with local communities, the Conservancy will lead efforts and establish partnerships to protect, preserve, enhance, and restore the Delta’s environment, agriculture and working landscapes, heritage, property, regional economy, and increase opportunities for tourism and environmental education for the benefit of the Delta region, its communities, and the citizens of California.
Airport Committee, VICE CHAIR
 4th Thursday
10:00 am
Buchanan Field, Concord
 To provide a formal public opportunity to review, analyze and discuss aviation related issues at the Contra Costa County's airports in order to advance and promote the interests of aviation in balance with those of the surrounding public.
Delta Counties Coalition
 As Needed

 The Coalition is a voluntary group of the five counties that are located in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta - Contra Costa, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano, and Yolo Counties. They have joined to work together on Delta-related issues of mutual interest, including water quality, levees, water supply lines, recreation, agriculture, and the legislation and regulations that affect these sectors.
Delta Protection Commission  4th Thursdays, Every 2 Months
5:30 pm
Locations around the Delta
 The mission of the Delta Protection Commission is to adaptively protect, maintain, and where possible, enhance and restore the overall quality of the Delta environment consistent with the Delta Protection Act, and the Land Use and Resource Management Plan for the Primary Zone. This includes, but is not limited to, agriculture, wildlife habitat, and recreational activities. The goal of the Commission is to ensure orderly, balanced conservation and development of Delta land resources and improved flood protection.
Central Contra Costa Solid Waste Authority
 4th Thursdays
3:00 pm
Walnut Creek City Hall
East Bay Economic Development Alliance
 As Needed

 The East Bay Economic Development Alliance (East Bay EDA) is a public/private partnership serving the San Francisco East Bay (Alameda and Contra Costa Counties) whose mission is to establish the East Bay as a world-recognized location to grow businesses, attract capital and create quality jobs.
Tri-Valley Transportation Committee
 As Needed
4:30 pm
Danville Town Offices
 To provide for the joint preparation of a transportation plan and to provide a forum for the review and coordination of planning and implementation of transportation facilities in the Tri-Valley area, and to recognize that adequate transportation planning is essential to the orderly development of the Tri-Valley area and that review and coordination of planning and implementation of transportation facilities in the Tri-Valley area is to the benefit of the member jurisdictions and its constituents.
Dougherty Valley Oversight Committee
 4th Mondays, Quarterly
9:30 am
DVC-San Ramon Campus
Measure J Traffic Congestion Relief Agency (TRAFFIX)
 3rd Tuesdays, Every 2 Months
4:00 pm
San Ramon Valley Unified School District
 The purpose of the Measure J Traffic Congestion Relief Agency dba TRAFFIX is to reduce traffic congestion in the San Ramon Valley’s most congested intersections.TRAFFIX reduces traffic congestion by providing student transportation to over 1,100 students at seven schools, serving students in the communities of Alamo, Danville, Diablo and San Ramon.
City-County Relations Committee
 As Needed                               

Alternate Member
Committee Date Location
Local Agency Formation Commission
2nd Wednesdays
1:30 pm
 Board of Supervisors Chambers, Martinez
 LAFCO is a regulatory agency charged by the State legislature with “discouraging urban sprawl and encouraging the orderly formation and development of local agencies” based on “local circumstances and conditions.”
Contra Costa Transportation Authority      

Association of Bay Area Governments 3rd Thursdays
7:00 pm
 101 Eight Street, Oakland
 The Association of Bay Area Governments (hereinafter "Association") is hereby created as a separate entity established by agreement among its members pursuant to the Joint Exercise of Powers Act, California Government Code Sections 6500, et seq. (hereinafter "Act"). The Association is organized for the purposes of establishing a permanent forum for discussion and study of regional and subregional problems of interest and concern to the counties and cities of the San Francisco Bay Area, developing policies and actions, and providing services and undertaking actions addressing such problems.
East Contra Costa Regional Fee and Finance Authority
2nd Thursdays
6:30 pm
 Tri Delta Transit Offices, Antioch
East County Water Management Association

eBART Partnership Policy Advisory Committee
2nd Thursdays
6:30 pm
 Tri Delta Transit Offices, Antioch
East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservation Plan, Executive Governing Board
As Needed
Mental Health Commission
4th Thursdays
 4:30 pm
 2730 Grant St., Concord
 To influence the County's Mental Health System to ensure the delivery of quality services which are effective, efficient, culturally relevant and responsive to the needs and desires of the clients it serves with dignity and respect; and to be the advocate with the Board of Supervisors, the Mental Health Division, and the community on behalf of all Contra Costa County residents who are in need of mental health services.  Appointed by the Board of Supervisors to advise them on all matters related to the county's mental health system.
San Joaquin Valley Rail Committee
2nd Thursdays
State Route 4 Bypass Authority
2nd Thursdays
6:30 pm
 Tri Delta Transit Offices, Antioch
South West Area Transportation
1st Mondays
3:00 pm
 Orinda City Offices
 To review and coordinate transportation plans and project proposals for the southwest region; to serve as an advisory unit to the Contra Costa Transportation Authority on all matters concerning the “Transportation Improvement and Growth Management Program”; to provide a forum on transportation issues which are regional in nature and to convey information on these issues to each jurisdiction; to consider other transportation issues of mutual concern both in the southwest region and at a countywide level; to administer the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Ordinances of member jurisdictions.
TRANSPAC, Central County Transportation Partnership and Cooperation 2nd Thursdays
9:00 pm
 100 Gregory Ln., Pleasant Hill
TRANSPLAN, East County Transportation Planning
2nd Thursdays
6:30 pm
 Tri Delta Transit Offices, Antioch
Eastern Contra Costa Transit Authority (Tri Delta Transit)

 Eastern Contra Costa Transit Authority (ECCTA) was formed in 1977 under a joint Powers Agreement to provide public transportation in the 225 square mile area in eastern Contra Costa County that includes cities of Antioch, Brentwood, Oakley, Pittsburg, and unincorporated areas of Contra Costa County. ECCTA is governed by an eleven-member board of directors composed of two appointed by each of the mayors of Antioch, Brentwood, Oakley, and Pittsburg, two appointed by the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, and one member at large.

ECCTA operates fixed route and paratransit service under the name “Tri Delta Transit” and contracts with a private company, First Transit, for the operation of the buses. Tri Delta Transit owns and maintains the facility and buses associated with the service.

Committee meetings are subject to change.