General Plan Update 2020


The Contra Costa County General Plan Update 2020 is a comprehensive review and update of the County's General Plan. It is anticipated that this process will begin in mid-2018 and the final document will be adopted in 2020. 

What is a General Plan?

State law requires each city and county in California to prepare and maintain a general plan. A jurisdiction's general plan serves as its "constitution" for decisions concerning land use planning and expresses a community's long-term vision for its future development. All decisions on planning matters (rezonings, subdivisions, use permits, etc.) must be consistent with the adopted general plan.

April 25 Pre-Bid Meeting

Time: 2:00-4:00
Location: 30 Muir Road, Martinez, CA
GoToMeeting page:
Call in: (312) 757-3121
Access code: 837-169-533
General Plan Update Pre-Bid Meeting Sign-In Sheet

Public Input Opportunities

Future Public Input opportunities will be provided here.


Contra Costa County's Adopted General Plan

California Governor's Office of Planning and Research General Plan Guidelines