Public Safety Building and Emergency Operations Center

The new Emergency Operations Center/Public Safety Building will be equipped with state-of-the-art disaster management and public safety technology. Sheriff’s Administration, Fiscal, Personnel, and Emergency Services will also be located in this building. The two-story, 38,000-square foot building is designed to operate independently during an emergency if city utilities become unavailable. On March 26, 2018, Contra Costa County selected the design-build team of Hensel Phelps and Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture to complete this project. The new building is scheduled for completion in March 2020.

For information, questions, or concerns regarding the Emergency Operations Center/Public Safety Building project, please contact us at 925.335.1088.

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Major Accomplishments:

At the present time at the EOC site, approximately 2/3 of the deep footings, column footings, and elevator pit have had rebar placed and inspected and concrete placed and finished.  

This team continues to prepare the last 1/3 of the structural concrete, deep and column footings by placing reticulated structural rebar and placing column footing bolts. Our team will be placing the last of the under slab and column footings concrete in the next two weeks. We have received approval from the Fire Marshal for the exterior Fire Sprinkler Riser and placed slurry concrete and backfilled. The western most Storm Water Control piping under the new parking lot area has been excavated, inspected and backfilled preparatory to opening Glacier Drive Gate #1. Under slab technology conduits have been placed, inspected, and approved for slurry seal, backfill and compaction with all having been completed over the previous three (3) weeks. 

Our on-site construction team continues to work diligently to mitigate dust and has kept it’s Zero Incident safety record.


View current webcam images or a time lapse of the County Building Demolition site here.
eoc video