County Administration Building

The new 71,000 square foot County Administration Building will be located at 1025 Escobar Street in downtown Martinez.  It will be four stories in size, and house a variety of County departments, and include the Board of Supervisors meeting chamber.  

Parking has always been a challenge near the current, aging McBrien Administration Building.  The new building will have nearby parking for 250 vehicles, including an increase of approximately 75 spaces for the public.  In addition, there will be public plaza areas where the 12-story building now sits at 651 Pine Street.

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For information, questions, or concerns regarding the Administration Building project, please contact us at 925.335.1088.

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Project Accomplishments:

By the end of April, work on the various floors was well underway at the Admin site.  The metal decks were in place, reinforcing installed and the concrete pours had begun.  Following close behind, mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades are continuing with their layout and placement.  In May, the floor work will complete and the building exterior skin installation will begin.  Off-site work on the sanitary sewer will also be complete. Fencing will be installed at the southeastern section of the Martinez Detention Facility early in the month and site work will begin, following tree removal along the site perimeter which occurred in mid-April.


View current webcam images or a time lapse of the County Building Demolition site here.

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