Pedestrian Crossing Enhancements – Central and East County

Project Information

Project No.:

Project Description:  The project is located at a total of seven school sites (three school locations in East Contra Costa County and four school locations in Central Contra Costa County). Some sites have more than one crosswalk for proposed improvements.
The purpose of the project is to provide the following features:

Install rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs) at uncontrolled crosswalks near schools.
Improve pedestrian safety by increasing driver awareness.
Install or upgrade facilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Below is a list of locations:

Site 1 – Knightsen Elementary School, Knightsen
1923 Delta Road, Knightsen

Site 2 – Crossing sites near Timber Point Elementary School, Discovery Bay (two sites)
  • Intersection of Newport Drive and Preston Drive
  • Intersection of Newport Drive and Worthing Way
Site 3 - Discovery Bay Elementary School, Discovery Bay
  • 1700 Willow Lake Road, Discovery Bay
Site 4 – Shore Acres Elementary School, Bay Point (two sites)
  • Intersection of Marina Road and Lakeview Drive
  • Intersection of Marina Road and Islandview Drive
Site 5 – Riverview Middle School, Bay Point (two sites)
  • Intersection of Pacifica Avenue and Breaker Drive
  • Intersection of Pacifica Avenue and Delta Drive
Site 6 – Northgate high School, Unincorporated Walnut Creek
  • 425 Castle Rock Road, Unincorporated Walnut Creek
Site 7 – Parkmead Elementary School, Unincorporated Walnut Creek
  • 1920 Magnolia Way, Unincorporated Walnut Creek
General Location: Various Locations in Knightsen, Discovery Bay, Bay Point, and Walnut Creek
Supervisory District: 2, 4, 3, 5 
Site 1: 37°58'7.77"N 121°39’38.57”W
Site 2A: 37°54'28.39"N 121°37'13.99"W
Site 2B: 37°54'19.36"N 121°37'10.84"W
Site 3: 37°54'2.50"N 121°35'56.23"W
Site 4A: 38° 2'10.32"N 121°58'15.15"W
Site 4B: 38° 2'10.33"N 121°58'11.45"W
Site 5A: 38° 2'2.50"N 121°57'55.66"W
Site 5B: 38° 2'2.50"N 121°58'2.60"W
Site 6: 37°54'27.39"N 122° 0'25.34"W
Site 7: 37°53'13.35"N 122° 4'6.94"W

Contractor: Tennyson Electric, Inc.
Project Manager: Dante Morabe                   
Phone: (925)313-2006  
Construction Start Date: May 30, 2018
Estimated Completion Date: October 3, 2018
Funded by: Gas Tax and Transportation Development Act

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