Cesar Chavez Commemorative Celebration:  March 27, 2018

Please join us for the 25th Annual Cesar E. Chavez Commemorative Celebration on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.
Location: 651 Pine St. Martinez, CA 94553
Time: 11 a.m.

The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors is now accepting nominations for the 2018 Contra Costa County Youth Hall of Fame Awards. These awards are presented annually to outstanding young Contra Costa residents between the ages of 12 and 18. Nominees should demonstrate exemplary behavior in one or more of the following categories: good Samaritans, volunteerism, teamwork, creativity and perseverance. Submit your nominations by completing the attached nomination form and submitting it with your letter of recommendation. Nominations are due by January 31, 2018. Instructions for submitting are on the nomination form.

2017 Cesar Chavez Recipients & Guest Speakers

9-year-old Santiago Olin Preciado-Cruz steals hearts at Cesar Chavez Celebration
Watch the video of the presentation to the Board of Supervisors.

Cesar Chavez Commemorative Celebration

Santiago Olin Preciado-Cruz, 9 year old, 4th grader, Oakland resident
. During the ceremony, Santiago captured the hearts of everyone in attendance with his child's eye perspective on issues in today's society. Son of our keynote speaker Cesar A. Cruz and Jazmin Preciado, Santiago is a student at Roses in Concrete Community School.

You can see him in action in the video above; you can also review the entire ceremony.

Perseverance: Charlie Cleberg - 12th grade, Hercules High School, Hercules, CA

Charlie is well known on the Hercules High School campus with a positive attitude and friendly smile to all. He is a leader as he assists fellow students with severe disabilities as a mentor, offering help and encouragement. He volunteers in the school library and makes announcements at school assemblies. Charlie is a cheerful, hardworking young man who was born with severe physical challenges due to a curved spinal cord and cerebral palsy. Amazingly, he can maneuver his wheelchair, draw, write, and types on his IPad or computer using his feet. With a positive attitude, he does not let his disability define him and participates fully in his school and community. Due to complications of his disability, Charlie regularly stays at the George Mark Children’s House, an organization for children with life threatening diseases. Even while there, he helps the house with fundraising activities. Continuing to deny definition by disability, he is a cadet in the Police Explorer Program. When called upon he provides support to San Leandro Police Department personnel during civic functions. He is a volunteer at the United for Safety event and role plays during SWAT team drills bringing awareness and preparation to law enforcement personnel to effectively serve individuals with disabilities in the event of emergency.


Valiant Volunteer: Trey Hall – 12th grade, Antioch High School, Antioch, CA

Trey has used his creativity entertaining the student body of Antioch High School while being filmed by the National Bleacher Report for a Mannequin Challenge. He is a scholar athlete who has also put in many hours being involved in Peer Mediation, Rally Coordinator, Tobacco Use Prevention Education, National Coalition Building Institute, and the Buddy Club. When he is not on campus, Trey can often be found at the Antioch Community Center mentoring other young men or at the First Baptist Church Head Start Program where he has volunteered more than 240 hours strengthening very young children’s love of learning. As a “Careers in Teaching” student, Trey has put in 90+ hours assisting, researching and studying the various aspects of child development, health and safety and classroom management techniques. As Trey continues to learn these skills, he is already applying them while assisting with the P.E. Program at Marsh Elementary School. Trey genuinely cares for his community, is universally loved, and respected on and off campus by all.


Good Samaritan: Shreejal Luitel - 9th grade, Middle College High School, San Pablo, CA

Shreejal is an extremely bright, kind and caring individual who is always interested in the wellbeing of the staff and patrons at the San Pablo Library where he volunteers. Shreejal is always eager to help in any capacity volunteering at the library, where his tasks range from shelving books to working as a computer docent helping customers with various needs. Once a patron at the library inquired about tutoring for his son, and Shreejal offered to volunteer as a tutor. Although he was offered payment, Shreejal refused and continues to tutor on a weekly basis. Shreejal is an active leader in the library’s Teen Advisory group where he is instrumental in helping to create youth programs and reaching out to the community. He earns top marks at Middle College High School taking high school courses simultaneously with college classes in order to earn an Associate of Arts degree while still completing the requirements for his High School Diploma. Shreejal’s ambitions are to attend Harvard to become a computer programmer. His desire is to be able to care for his family in Nepal and he is willing to put in the work to make sure it happens.

Creative Leader: Vicente Mancia - 10th grade, De Anza High School, Richmond, CA

Vicente has been participating in events in San Pablo since he was in elementary school. These experiences gave him the desire to give back to his community, which he has been doing since 2015 when he joined the San Pablo Youth Commission. As a member of the San Pablo Youth Commission, Vicente uses his creativity to help recruit new members, promote the Youth Commission and most notably to plan the San Pablo Youth Commissions Youth Summit 2015. He enjoyed his role in raising awareness of Childhood Obesity and Prevention so much he landed the role of MC of the Youth Summit 2016. Representatives from the West Contra Costa County Unified School District were amazed at his presence and offered him two internships at their summer camps. A stellar student, Vicente continues to be an active member of the San Pablo Youth Commission while juggling many activities including San Pablo Cowboy’s Football, the Leadership in Training Program, a member of the Friends of the San Pablo Library and an participant in San Pablo’s Teen Lounge Program. Vicente has established himself as a recognized youth leader and we know he will continue to grow and lead in the years to come.


Team Work: Sarah Nunnink - 12th grade, Heritage High School, Brentwood, CA

Sarah is a vibrant unique young lady with an outstanding personality. Sarah has blossomed into an active student at Heritage High School’s Rally Squad, a member of the campus Safety Committee, the Investment Club, the Chinese Club and even the choir. She has received academic honors with the Principal’s Honor Roll, the National Honor Society, and California Scholarship Federation—just to name a few. Her love of animals led Sarah to become a teen volunteer with Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation. Her love of people has reached far beyond the borders of her local community. As part of the Caracol Project, Sarah is Teen Ambassador for Soles4Souls where she actively promoted and collected 600+ pairs of shoes and fundraised over $3,600 for Costa Rica Missions that distributed 2000 pairs of shoes to people of all ages. Her position as Varsity Cheer Captain and the back-base is symbolic to her achievements requiring strength, dedication, perseverance and a team effort at all times. Her energy is amazing!

Cesar A. Cruz, PhD. Harvard University, University of California Berkeley

Mr. Cruz is an international renowned poet, educator and human rights activist. His relentless drive and passion has touched the lives of many, and his writings have received praise from activists and scholars throughout the world.

Here is an excerpt from what Mr. Cruz shared with those in attendance:

"You attack Mexicans, it's an attack on me. You attack Muslims, it's and attack on me. You attack women, it's an attack on me. You attack water, it's an attack on me. You attack mother earth, it's an attack on me. You attack African Americans, its' an attack on me. You attack people's healthcare, it's an attack on me. You attack any immigrant, you attack me. You attack Indigenous land, you attack me. Whomever you attack, It's an attack on me. I will not stand idly by. I will resist. I am not alone. We are not alone. We will resist. Fear and hatred will never conquer love. Build your 20 foot border, we have 21-foot laders. David has already faced Goliath. Moses has already take on pharaoh. Harriet faced greater odds. We shall not be moved. Try to bury us, we are but seeds."
Gerald T. Reyes, Phd

Currently a Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University Graduate School of Education, Doctor of Philosophy, University of California Berkeley, and a graduate of Pittburg High School.   

From the ceremony program, Dr. Reyes was described as follows:

"Dr. G. Reyes is a scholar-activist-artivist-public intellectual known for standing.

Standing up. Standing with. Standing for.

Standing on the corner of the block professing truths and street wisdoms that don't stop.

Standing on rocks. Standing from seeds sown by those who came beore.

Standing in concrete fields with new seeds in hand to plant more.

Standing in the pages of history, because history is is not predetermined-it is a time of possibility.

Standing tall so he could see. Standing to teh side so you could be.

He stands. But never in the back of the bus. He stands because he must."