2016 Summary of Benefits

What the plans cover and what it costs
The infomation is a SUMMARY of what the plan covers and what it costs.  More detailed information can be received directly from the carrier.  Please refer to the Summary of Benefits and Coverage for each plan to find out how to contact the provider for complete terms in the policy or plan document.

Definition of Terms
Co-payments are fixed dollar amounts (for example, $15) you pay for covered health care, usually when you receive the service

Co-insurance is your share of the costs of a covered service, calculated as a percent of the allowed amount for the service. For example, if the plan's allowed amount for an overnight hospital stay is $1,000, your co-insurance payment of 20% would be $200.  This may change if you haven't met your deductible.

The amount the plan pays for covered services is based on the allowed amount.  If an out-of-network provider charges more than the allowed amount, you may have to pay the difference.  For example, if an out-of-network hospital charges $1,500 for an overnight stay and the allowed amount is $1,000, you may have to pay the $500 difference. (This is called balance billing.)

The plan may encourage to use participating providers by charging you lower deductibles, co-payments and co-insurance amounts.

County Medical Plan Summary of Benefits (SBC) by Plan
Contra Costa Health Plan A

Contra Costa Health Plan B

Health Net HMO Plan A

Health Net HMO Plan B

Kaiser Health Plan A

Kaiser Health Plan B

Kaiser HDHP

Health Net CA PPO Plan A

Health Net CA PPO Plan B

Health Net Out of State PPO Plan A

Health Net Out of State PPO Plan B