How to Guides

The following Guides have been developed to assist applicants navigate the entitlement process

How to Apply for a Certificate of Compliance
How to Apply for a Home Occupation Permit
How to Draw a Site Plan 
Water Efficient Landscaping Requirements

Building Permit Checklists

Commercial Plan Submittal Requirements
Residential Plan Submittal Requirements
2016 CalGreen Residential & Non Residential Mandatory Measures Checklist
Soil Investigation Report Questionnaire for Residential Additions

Building Permit Information

How to Apply for an Addition Permit in Lamorinda
How to Apply for a New Dwelling Permit in Lamorinda
How to Contact Sanitary District
How to Pay for School Development Fees
All About Building Permits
CalGreen Recycling Information
Demolition Permits 
Drainage Plan Requirements
Emergency Building Standards -  Exterior Elevated Elements (ex: balconies)
Fire Sprinklers - Do I need them for an Addition 
Gas Shut Off Valve Requirements
Green Building Information
Grounding and Bonding
Living With Creeks Referral Guidance 
Plumbing Fixture Certificate
Pool and Spa Installation
Power Pole Permits
Residential Air Conditioning
Residential Bathroom Remodel
Residential Electrical Panel
Residential Furnace
Residential Gas Piping
Residential Gray Water - Clothes Washer System
Residential Kitchen Remodel
Residential Pool and Spa Removal
Residential Re-Roof Requirements
Residential Skylights
Residential Smoke-Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Residential Water Heaters
Residential Water-Sewer Pipes
Residential Window Replacement
Tiny Homes
When is a Grading Permit Required
When is a Licensed Professional Required
Who can obtain a Building Permit
Wood Burning Appliances and Fireplaces
Work Exempt from Permits  **NOTE**  Please call (925) 674-7200 for clarification of cabinet remodel/addition

Home Energy

water heater eTool link Residential Water Heater Replacement eTool