Refinance & Mortgage Changes

Recent Changes on your Mortgage
Have you refinanced or paid off your mortgage? You may need a new tax bill.

If you have changed mortgage lenders or have finally paid off your mortgage, you may need to contact our office immediately to request a new tax bill. Your previous lender may not pay all of your taxes and you could get stuck with a 10% late-payment penalty if they are not paid on time.

Property TaxBills
Your refinancing or loan payoff will NOT automatically trigger the mailing of a new tax bill. Property tax bills and “copy only” statements are mailed only once a year, in October. For example, if you refinance or payoff your loan in January, you will probably have to pay the upcoming April 10 Second Installment yourself. You can find information about payment deadlines and amounts by going to Account Lookup.

Failure to receive a tax bill neither relieves the taxpayer of the responsibility to pay taxes that are due and payable, nor does it excuse penalties if payment is late. State law places the responsibility of obtaining a tax bill and making timely payments upon the property owner. The tax collector has no discretion in waiving penalties.