Small Business Enterprise Outreach Liaisons

Each County department is responsible for implementing contracts in their department and the Equal Employment Office implements and monitors the contracting programs in the County. The objective of the Outreach Program is for departments, consultants, and contractors to outreach to all businesses, Small Business Enterprises (SBEs), to provide equal opportunity for vendors, service providers, and contractors to compete for business with the County.
Department Name


Administration Office Nancy Yee 335-1023 email
Clerk of the Board June McHuen 335-1095 email
DOIT Fern Carroll 313-1228 email
Animal Services Sara Holman 335-8370 email
Agriculture Sheree Nuxoll 646-5250 email
Assessor Debra McClanahan 313-7508 email
Auditor/Controller Chris Averilla 646-2181 email
Clerk Recorder Debi Cooper 335-7897 email
Communication & Media Christine Wampler 313-1196 email
Conservation & Development Victoria Mejia 674-7726 email
Contra Costa County FPD Lizz Patterson 941-3314 email
Cooperative Extension Sheree Nuxoll 646-5250 email
County Counsel Wanda McAdoo 335-1818 email
Becky Welch 335-1806 email
Crockett-Carquinez FPD Jerry Littleton 510-787-2717 email
Dept. of Child Support Services Sarah Bunnell 313-4433 email
District Attorney Cherie Mathisen 957-2234 email
Employment & Human Services Elaine Burres 313-1543 email
Lisa Gonzales 313-1717 email
Health Services Tasha Scott 957-5502 email
Human Resources Nancy Zandonella 335-1751 email
Library Samantha Bathke 927-3207 email
Probation Danielle Fokkema 313-4195 email
Public Defender Donna Broussard 335-8035 email
Public Works Michelle Parella 313-2249 email
David Gould 313-2151 email
Sheriff/Coroner Liz Arbuckle 335-1529 email
Treasurer/Tax Collector Aleta Tonsall  957-2831 email
Veterans Services Susan H. Ferguson 313-1481 email