maintenance division
Road Maintenance
The Road Maintenance Crews provide roadway maintenance and repair for approximately 660 miles of road in the unincorporated areas of Contra Costa County. Some of the types of work include failed pavement repairs, road shoulder repairs, road slide repairs, traffic signs and striping installation, guardrail repairs, culvert and pipe installation, and debris removal (from the public road right of way).

Flood Control Maintenance
The Flood Control Maintenance and Vegetation Management Crews maintain approximately 75 miles of improved channels in Contra Costa County. Some of the work includes creek bank repairs, silt removal, damaged tree removal along channels, weed abatement, and homeless camp abatement.

Mission Statement
  • Maintain a road infrastructure for safe and convenient public travel in a variety of modes: driving, walking and bicycling.
  • Protect property through flood control while maintaining and enhancing the natural environment.
  • optimize citizen's tax dollars value through cost-effective service.
We will achieve our mission while ensuring that:
  • The right things are done in a timely manner.
  • We are protecting the safety of the public and our workers
  • Our crews are knowledgeable, skilled, professional employees who are gracious to the community and proud of their work.