Bethel Island AOB

Bethel Island AOB Program Update

Bethel Island AOB Program Update Process                  

  • Task 1: Community Involvement (ongoing)
  • Task 2: Evaluate Current Area of Benefit Program
  • Task 3: Area of Benefit Development Potential
  • Task 4: Area of Benefit Needs Analysis
  • Task 5: Project Cost Estimates
  • Task 6: Nexus Study
  • Task 7: Preparation of Ordinance and Board Documents
  • Task 8: Public Hearing Process

Bethel Island AOB Program Update Schedule

Community Meeting #1 October 8, 2013
Introduce the Bethel Island AOB update process, communicate observations of existing travel patterns and system performances, forecasts of future conditions and identification of deficiencies. Communicate draft project list developed by staff and seek community input on the draft project list.

The Bethel Island MAC recommended to Supervisor Piepho that staff move forward with the draft project list presented.  With the draft project list, staff will complete cost estimates for the projects and develop fee program/structure to support the projects, including nexus study.
Bethel Island Municipal Improvement District Office
Community Meeting #2 Fall 2015
Final staff report on project list and fee rates
Post Final Project List and Nexus Study Winter 2016/2017
Conduct Public Hearing
Traffic Mitigation Fee
Bethel Island Bridge