Purchasing Code of Ethics

As public employees and purchasing professionals, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of fair, ethical and professional conduct. We understand that credibility and public confidence are vital throughout the purchasing and contracting system. Our activities are guided through the application and adherence to the following commonly shared values and ethical standards for dealing with vendors and clients:

1.  To give primary consideration to the interests and policies of the County.

2.  To purchase without prejudice, seeking to obtain the maximum value for each dollar spent.

3.  To avoid unfair practices by granting all competitive vendors equal consideration as State, Federal and County regulations require.

4.  To conduct business in good faith, demanding honesty and ethical practices from all participants in the purchasing process.

5.  To refuse to accept gifts or gratuities from present or potential vendors and contractors since this can influence or appear to influence procurement decisions.

6.  To promote positive vendor and contractor relationships by according vendor representatives courteous, fair and ethical treatment.

7.  To make every reasonable effort to negotiate equitable and mutually agreeable settlement of disputes with vendors.

8.  To avoid involvement in any transactions or activities that could be considered to be a conflict between personal interest and the interests of the County.

9.  To enhance proficiency by acquiring and maintaining current technical knowledge, and pursuing related education opportunities and professional growth.