Ayers Ranch Annexation

Over the past year I have been working with residents of the Ayers Ranch community to provide the option of incorporating into the City of Concord.  Ayers Ranch is an unincorporated area of the county comprised of 189 acres that is surrounded by Concord.  Some residents have expressed an interest in becoming a part of Concord so that they may hook up to the city’s sewer system.  The issue is rather complex, involving the City of Concord, Contra Costa County, and the Local Formation Agency Commission (LAFCO).  But the final determination of incorporation will ultimately be made by the residents of the incorporated area.  To determine if there is enough interest among homeowners to move forward with the annexation process, an informational meeting was held on May 23, 2012.  I am continuing to work with all parties to determine if it is feasible to petition LAFCO to annex all or a portion of the area into the City of Concord.