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2014-02-11 Delta Water Issues: Make Your Voice Heard on Water Plan-Meeting in Discovery Bay & More

2014-02-04 Join Me at a Town Hall, Market Your Delta Business, and Roadwork

2014-02-03 February Aquatic Weeds Town Hall Rescheduled

2014-01-31 Delta Water Issues: Aquatic Weeds Town Hall & More

2014-01-21 Join Me Tomorrow at Important Fire Protection Meeting

2014-01-14 Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors 2014

2014-01-08 Updates from District III

2014-01-02 In Our Backyard 2014

2013-12-30 Join Me and Donate Today!

2013-12-20 Updates from District III

2013-12-17 Updates from District III

2013-12-13 Join Today's Rally against the BDCP

2013-12-05 Updates from District III

2013-12-03 Updates from District III

2013-11-21 Updates from District III

2013-11-19 Updates from District III

2013-11-12 Join Me at My Holiday Open House!

2013-11-08 Updates from District III

2013-11-05 & It's that Time Again...For the Food Drive!

2013-10-31 Delta Flood Preparedness Week

2013-10-29 Special-Temporary Event Permitting Meeting & 2013-11-04 Temporary and Special Event Permitting Meeting

2011-10-10 Delta Update

2011-10-05 Qualified Individuals Needed to Serve on County Commissions

2011-09-30 Supervisor's Update

2011-09-28 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event for East County Residents & 2011 Household Waste Collection Events

2011-09-20 Vasco News

2011-09-19 Contra Costa Wines Win Recognition

2011-09-13 State Route 4 Bypass Night Closure

2011-09-13 Do Your Part to Prevent West Nile

2011-09-09 Vasco Double Fine Zone Legislation

2011-09-07 Vasco Camino Diablo Road Work

2011-09-01 Northbound I-680 Traffic Realignment

2011-08-30 Join Me to Discuss the Draft Delta Economic Sustainability Plan

2011-08-29 Vasco Wind Turbines

2011-08-26 Vasco News

2011-08-22 Vasco News

2011-08-22 Economic Future of the Delta

2011-08-19 Qualified Individuals Needed to Serve on County Commissions

2011-08-12 Qualified Individuals Needed to Serve on County Commissions

2011-08-10 Redistricting

2011-08-08 Vasco News

2011-08-08 Byron Bridge Work

2011-08-05 Delta Conservation Video

2011-08-03 McNerney Stands up for Delta Farmers

2011-08-01 Delta Conservancy Wants to Hear Your Ideas

2011-07-29 Pension Cost Reduction Becomes Permanent for Contra Costa

2011-07-29 Contra Costa County Receives Funds for School-Based Health Clinics

2011-07-25 Restore the Delta Forum: Celebrate the Delta

2011-07-22 On the Roads

2011-07-20 Community Events

2011-07-18 Aquatic Weed Update from the Department of Boating and Waterways

2011-07-15 Juror Website

2011-07-13 East Bay Veterans Fair

2011-07-11 Contra Costa Leadership in Sustainability Awards & 2011 SCOCO Nomination Form

2011-07-08 Vasco News

2011-07-07 Museum of the San Ramon Valley Honors Women's Suffrage

2011-07-01 Vasco News

2011-06-24 Vasco Camino Diablo Road Work

2011-06-22 California Citizens Redistricting Commission & 2011-06-24 California Citizens Redistricting Commission Letter

2011-06-17 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events for East County Residents & 2011 Household Waste Collection Events

2011-06-17 Traffic Advisory for I-680

2011 Piepho Press Spring/Summer